Loree Erickson

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writing smutty pics & porn! activism & organizing workshops & talks contact & booking resources upcoming ... pun intended!

This is a photograph of Loree. She is gazing directly into the camera, up and over the shoulder of a lover. She holds her lover's face as their lips touch.
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      Welcome to Loree Erickson's website. This is a place where you can find out about and access much of the work she has done, as well as the projects and organizing that are underway. Put simply, Loree's website is like Loree:
aimed at making the world a sexier, more accessible, and less oppressive place.
Of herself and her work, Loree writes, "I am a queer femmegimp porn star academic doing a PhD at York University. My work is a synthesis of theoretical engagement and critical artistic creation, both of which are motivated and shaped by personal experience and activist ideals. I want to replace the gawking, gazing, and glaring people with disabilities encounter on a daily basis with beholding, recognizing, and reacting when people with disabilities are red fucking hot." Sounds pretty awesome, eh?
      I offered to make this site because I feel very fortunate to have been able to access the images, ideas, activism, and community that Loree creates and supports. Her work opposes the forces that stigmatize certain bodies, lives, and desires, and creates in their place new possibilities and pleasures for all of us. I hope that by making her work digitally accessible, to contribute to those projects; as well as to the additional task of helping to create a public culture of sex that includes accessible, cumulative, and transmissible forms of sexual knowledge, like those found here. We hope you enjoy.

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